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Zeva Incorporated, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in Identity Management and Security, is a leading provider of software solutions and expert consulting in the field of Enterprise Identity Management. We deliver innovative solutions for enterprises seeking to optimize their Microsoft investments with comprehensive identity management strategies. Our solutions are in use by corporate, non-profit, and government enterprises, helping those organizations achieve significant cost savings, improved user experience, and stronger IT security governance. 

Zeva’s team has over 20 years of experience in the field of identity management. Our innovation and early technology adoption allows us to deliver exceptional value to our Customers. Zeva was first among East Region Microsoft Partners to implement a Group Management solution based on Microsoft FIM 2010 (view Case Study). Our extensive experience in related technologies such as Directory Services, LDAP, IT security, and code development enables us to customize solutions to meet our Customer’s specific requirements.  

Based on the challenges seen for our many Customers, Zeva has developed a wide range of pre-packaged Solution Accelerators that address the most common identity management challenges. Zeva Solution Accelerators reduce implementation time through use of pre-developed software and system configuration options to reduce project cost and schedule duration (view Zeva's Solution Accelerators).

Zeva’s solutions and services address all areas of Identity and Access Management (IAM): 

Identity Life Cycle Management: Zeva solutions provide opportunities to automate the processes involved in a person’s identity creation, utilization, and termination. For example, when an employee joins a company, we automate approval workflow and provisioning processes to speed that employee’s access to needed resources. We address how an employee’s attributes and/or permissions change over time, and how the permissions are taken away when the employee leaves the organization. Managing the lifecycle of identities in an enterprise will help eliminate redundant tasks for the IT department. Zeva solutions built on FIM 2010 deliver cost savings, improved user experience, and security governance. 

Directory Services:  Within the IT infrastructure a person’s digital identity consists of the identifier, credentials, and attributes, which should be securely stored and well organized. Individual directories provide the basic infrastructure, but most organizations have many disconnected data sources and directories that hold digital identities. Zeva solutions built on FIM 2010 provide identity integration across application directories to provide a consistent set of identities and remove the complexity of managing identities from within applications.  

Access Management:  Access management controls and grants access for resource requests made by users. This process relies on the setup of credentials and approved authority for each user and for each application. Zeva offers automated solutions built on FIM 2010 to establish and manage credentials and authorization for users, including automated workflow and a self-service portal. Zeva solutions can automate the provisioning and membership, including approval workflow, of Active Directory Groups which are used to grant access to files and folders, grant permission to systems and applications, manage e-mail distribution groups, and apply Group Policy Objects (GPOs). Lastly, Zeva offers a solution for social media integration, where external authentication through social media is used to authenticate users in proprietary customer systems.