KeyDecrypt is responsible for retrieving keys from a CA and decrypting message session keys. By utilizing KeyDecrypt, the need to manually retrieve private keys for data decryption is eliminated. In addition, DecryptNaBox Server provides the highest level of private key protection and safe handling. This is accomplished through the use of encrypted channels for all queries and transport, and Hardware Security Module (HSM) technology for private key handling.

KeyDecrypt also provides a solid approach for ensuring that system audit logs and configuration files are protected via the audit and configuration trust protection feature. In addition to guaranteeing protection, it also ensures that the integrity of the audit logs can be verified.

Purchasing KeyDecrypt is required when utilizing any of DecryptNaBox Client that utilize the automated key handling of DecryptNaBox Server. With Decryption Client Lite edition, DecryptNaBox Server is optional.

DecryptNaBox Server can be configured to support either "on premise" implementations, or as part of a private cloud offering. To help address different customers need, Zeva Inc. provides two editions for KeyDecrypt: Government and Commercial.

The Government Edition

The Government Edition is designed for the US federal government agencies. It includes all required components and features for federal agencies to comply with applicable regulatory and security requirements.

The Commercial Edition

The Commercial Edition is designed for common commercial usage. It provides an affordable entry point with optional features to increase system security to comply with applicable regulatory and security requirements.

KeyDecrypt editions

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