DataDecrypt is responsible for pulling encrypted material from the designated source, decrypting the material and routing it to the outbound destination. Zeva offers three different editions for DataDecrypt: DecryptNaBox Lite, DataDecrypt Professional, and DataDecrypt Enterprise. In addition, DataDecrypt can be implemented as an extension to third party platforms or as a generic Microsoft CAPI adaptor.

The Lite Edition

The Lite Edition offers basic a basic decryption tool with a simple user interface. Using Lite, customers can use a job creation wizard to submit decryption jobs based on an Outlook profile and local file system. This edition provides enhanced features compared to Zeva's SecTool. Some of the new features include: process embedded messages, support for CNG, and support of individual MSG files. Download trial »

The Professional Edition

The Professional Edition uses the same simple user interface as Lite with the additional of approval workflow and enhanced reporting capability. In this edition, the approval workflow is subject based. Unlike the Lite edition, this edition requires a Back-End Server to facilitate approval workflow. The Back-End Server also controls decryption request permissions, key protection, and auditing features. Request a demo »

The Enterprise Edition

In addition to all features provided by the Lite and Professional edition, the Enterprise Edition allows customers to submit decryption jobs that are executed remotely. In addition, the job can be created to run automatically to allow for scenarios such as content inspection and/or automatic data decryption for archiving. Request a demo »

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