Strategy & Vision

As a small business, Zeva’s strategy is to differentiate its offerings through product innovation and exceptional customer service. Zeva delivers software solutions and consulting services in a highly competitive market. Zeva’s success is realized through strong customer relationships, a knowledgeable and talented workforce, and a unique solution delivery process.

As part of Zeva culture, team members challenge themselves to creatively apply their talents to deliver success for Zeva customers. Zeva team members are selected for their experience, talent and self-motivation. They share in the vision that technology can have a positive impact on the business success and quality of life of customers.


Product Innovation

Zeva has proven success using a global model to drive innovation in its technology products and services. Zeva products are developed in the Zeva Research and Development Center by software engineers with a deep understanding of the technology and markets addressed by Zeva. Zeva’s Chief Technology Officer orchestrates these efforts using Zeva’s Technology Innovation Process, an integrated team approach that combines the vision and skills of Zeva engineers in different countries. Supported by the latest technology for global collaboration, and using software development methodologies that follow industry accepted practices, virtual teams design and develop Zeva’s products.

Customer Service

Zeva’s success depends on the reputation earned through successful projects and satisfied customers. Through attention to customer requirements and a well-managed delivery process, the Zeva team is proud to have earned a 100% customer satisfaction rating, and maintains long-standing customer relationships. Zeva has earned the position of trusted advisor with many of its customers who seek Zeva’s assistance to build their technology strategy and road map.

Solution Delivery Process

Innovation at Zeva includes the unique process used by the Zeva team to deliver products and services. For most services, Zeva has developed “solution accelerators” that provide for faster implementation of Zeva solutions. The Zeva team clearly identifies customer requirements, and then leverages Zeva’s portfolio of solution accelerators to shorten the implementation process. This achieves higher level of project success with shorter schedules, lower project costs, and a consistent level of customer satisfaction.

Our main services

Customer Testimonials

  • I just want to thank everyone at Zeva that was involved in my FIMnABox engagement. I cannot say how well this turned out for us.