Licensed Products

Encryption of email messages is a common component of enterprise security and privacy. However, encrypted data is typically a challenge for eDiscovery procedures, and is often excluded from review. Zeva SecTool provides the means to decrypt, and encrypt, massive amounts of Exchange data quickly and easily.

CertDeploy provides a means to receive digital PKI certificates for non-domain joined machines. This unique product avoids the complex manual process required to support non-domain joined machines. CertDeploy provides an automated process that has growing applicability in the business environment for supporting personal devices. 

GroupLocker eliminates the manual tasks associated with maintaining Active Directory groups. With GroupLocker, you can automate updates to your AD Groups by specifying membership criteria in the dynamic update feature. This reduces your maintenance costs and eliminates the errors that can occur with manual updates.

Microsoft Outlook allows users to set policies and rules for their email message handling, but offers no options for encryption. The SecTool Plug-in to Outlook allows a user to encrypt or decrypt messages in their mailbox based on policies set by the user. This powerful tool allows the individual user to decide which messages to encrypt.

Organizations use Active Directory (AD) to store attributes about employees, groups, organizations, computers, etc. ADHide is a powerful tool that allows organizations to “hide” the more sensitive information stored in AD from users who do not have a need to see this information. ADHide rules can be easily enabled or disabled.

Secure High Volume eMail Decryption Solution. Automated email decryption support for internal investigations, legal discovery collection, system-level content search, and network perimeter content inspection.