Solution Accelerators

DecryptNaBox V1 is a solution that allows companies and government agencies to include SMIME encrypted messages in their indexing and archiving solution. Without this solution, most existing indexing and archiving products simply ignore the SMIME encrypted content of messages, searching just the headers.

OutLocate is a powerful e-mail classification Outlook plug-in designed to support eDiscovery and data retention requirements. OutLocate allows for email messages to be “tagged” for later review, retrieval and compliance. This “tagging” is based on categories customized to the business needs, such as case number, contract, matter, etc.

To accelerate solving our customer’s identity management needs, FIMNaBox provides a pre-built, virtual environment with mostForefront Idenity Manager 2010 (FIM 2010) components pre-installed and ready to be configured and customized. Zeva can install and configure FIMNaBox in your lab in a matter of days. 

FIM Application Access is designed to eliminate all manual tasks associated with managing your application’s access by allowing application access management through FIM Portal. This addition will turn your FIM 2010 to a powerful request center platform, in which access is governed by policies and a set of automated activities. 

FIM 2010 provides out of the box workflows, where workflows can be linked to policies for different purposes such as Self-Service Password Reset, approval to join a group or to leave a group, email notification that a user has been created, etc.

FIM provides three types of workflows:

ProfileRenamer is a solution accelerator Zeva Inc. developed to help solve the challenge of renaming all the accounts in Active Directory. Not only are there usually many accounts in Active Directory but these accounts are most likely being used in other places. If one only changes the name in AD, many errors will arise.

US companies spend billions of dollars each year on the acquisition and maintenance of information systems. In addition, some expend significant effort designing and developing custom, proprietary applications. In either case, customers need efficient and cost-effective solutions to address their testing and development needs.

Originally designed as a niche product for senior executives, TrusteeShare is an app that is downloadable to an iPad. This app connects SharePoint and the iPad together. This connection allows the user to retrieve documents straight from a SharePoint site and then view or download these documents on their iPad.

BestMatch is a solution acceleartor that Zeva Inc has developed to help clean up databases. Most databases are not perfect. There are misspellings, abbreviations, and many other issues that causes the database to become messy thus taking up space and making it harder to understand. BestMatch helps solve this problem.