Software Development

Organizations realize significant benefits by outsourcing functions which otherwise would be performed in-house. Zeva provides efficient software development services utilizing its overseas staff of highly skilled software engineers. Supported by the latest technology for team collaboration, and using software development methodologies that follow industry accepted practices, Zeva’s international team provides software development services.

Zeva supports customers in their software development needs in two ways, either executing entire scope of specific projects, or by providing lower cost staffing to augment in-house teams. Zeva’s software engineers are skilled in all industry-leading technologies, such as .net and java development platforms. Zeva has delivered a variety of applications, from large scale server applications to mobile applications.

The delivery of Zeva software development services can be customized to meet the needs of each customer. For example, some customers want direct management oversight of the work being performed. Others expect Zeva to provide this oversight and deliver a complete software product. Zeva can support either approach.

If a customer is interested in outsourcing a portion, or all, of their software development needs, Zeva can bring value in the following ways:

  • Skilled software engineers with knowledge of the latest technologies
  • Quality assurance process to ensure quality software products and services
  • Lower cost resources for labor efficiencies
  • Experience in virtual team processes to ensure project success

Zeva’s highly trained development team also develops many of the solutions delivered as Zeva’s licensed products, solution accelerators, and tools. These products incorporate industry-leading innovation, and demonstrate the capability of Zeva’s overseas development staff.

Zeva’s clients leverage Zeva software engineers to turn their business application ideas into reality. The Zeva team can take business requirements and turn them into a complete solution, or Zeva can provide staff to augment the customer’s internal development team. Either way, Zeva can provide high quality products and services at lower cost.