AddToSafeSenderList is a free tool developed by Zeva to prevent emails from certain senders from going into the junk email. Outlook uses a certain algorithm to determine which emails should be considered junk. Sometimes the wrong emails, important emails from important people, mistakenly end up in the junk folder.

Luckily, outlook has something called a Safe Senders List. This list is useful when one wants to ensure that emails from certain senders end up in their inbox rather than their junk folder. However, emails being added to the Safe Senders List are generally added one at a time to one machine at a time.

This is where AddToSafeSenderList comes in. As the name states, it is a tool that is used to add users to the Safe Senders List. AddToSafeSenderList can add many different forms of objects such as users, domains, and groups.

The most important part of AddToSafeSenderList, however, is the fact that it can be added to the login script. For a company that has many different machines in their environment, AddToSafeSenderList can add a list of objects to the Safe Senders List to multiple machines, very quickly. All the user would do is add the tool in the login script. Then, the first time a user logs into that machine, the Safe Sender List will automatically fill up with the objects provided.

How does AddtoSafesenderlist work?

There are two versions of AddToSafeSenderList. It is very important to get the right version. Otherwise, the tool will not work. Simply put, there is an Outlook version and an Exchange version.

The Outlook version is used for environments that do not have Exchange. If you download this version and there is Exchange in the environment, Exchange will overwrite the Outlook Safe Sender list every time Outlook is opened. If Exchange is located in your environment make sure to get the Exchange version.

How do i get and install addtosafesenderlist?

As mentioned earlier, AddToSafeSenderList is released as a free tool. To aquire AddToSafeSenderList, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now.