AD Permissions

AD Permissions is a free tool developed by Zeva’s research and development office. One of the main jobs of active directory (AD) is to hold objects. However, all objects in AD have permissions called access control lists. AD Permissions simply exports and imports the access control lists of objects and the OU structure of AD.

 Once exported, there are two options the user can take. The first option is to save it as a backup in case something goes wrong. If there is ever a problem with permissions, the user can simply import it back into their environment. The second option is to import it to another environment, such as a development environment. This would be used to ensure that the company’s development environment syncs up with the production environment as much as possible.

How does Zeva AD Permissions work?

AD Permissions is an exceptionally easy to use tool. When you first open up the program, you are presented with two options. One option is labeled “Export AD Permissions” while the other one is labeled “Import AD Permissions”. If you click on Export AD Permissions, you simply decide where you want to save the file and click export. When you click on Import AD Permissions, you simply select the saved file from your computer and click on Import. It is really that easy.
To see ADPermissions in action, please watch the following video:

How do I Get and Install Zeva AD Permissions?

As mentioned earlier, AD Permissions is released as a free tool. To aquire AD Permissions, please contact us now.