AddToIESecurityZone is a simple command line tool that allows the user to add and remove websites to specific security zones in Internet Explorer. As you are probably aware, each security zone has a set of permissions. If a website is in a security zone, it is assigned the set of permissions that go along with that specific zone.

These permissions will tell the websites which programs they are allowed to enable and which they are not. For example, as a default, Outlook will only show images in emails if the email was sent from a trusted website. Otherwise, you are prompted if you want to see the images or not.

AddToIESecurityZone gives the user the ability to add a bulk of websites to either intranet zone or trusted sites without having to enter each one manually. Moreover, a simple script can be written to perform this command at certain times. For example, it is possible to make AddToIESecurityZone perform at login using a login script. Therefore, whenever someone logs in to a machine, a script will run telling the machine which websites to put in which zones.

How does Zeva AddToIESecurityZone work?

Usually, the way to add websites to a security zone is to open up internet explorer options, pick a security zone, and then manually add each specific website. Moreover, say the company you work for has 5,000 machines. You would then have to go to every single machine, open internet explorer, and add each site to its allocated security zone.

Zeva decided that this was too time consuming, developed, and is now releasing, a free tool titled AddToIESecurityZone. With this tool, you simple open up the command prompt. Then you type in “AddToTrustedSites”, the initial allocated for the security zone the websites should be assigned to and then the list of websites that need to be added or removed separated by a space. Once you run that prompt, the listed websites will automatically be added to their allocated security zones.

To add a site to the intranet security zone, you simply type in “/i”. To remove a site from the intranet zone, simply type “/ir”. The trusted sites uses the letter t so type in “/t” or “/tr” depending on if you want to add or remove a site to the trusted sites.

To handle the issue of the 5,000 machines, you simply put the above text in the login script. Then every machine will have the specified websites in their respective security zones once a user logs in to that machine. It is very simple and cuts the amount of work into a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

To see AddToIESecurityZone in action, watch the following video:

How do I Get and Install Zeva AddToIESecurityZone?

As mentioned earlier, AddToIESecurityZone is released as a free tool. To aquire AddToIESecurityZone, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now.