GPOSync is a free, yet powerful, tool used to sync group policies (GPOs) from one environment to another. However, it not only syncs the GPOs but also syncs the permissions of GPOs, the WMI filters and their permissions, administrative templates, and the organizational units that the GPOs are linked to.

All this information is very useful when a company wants to build a development environment to test new products and ideas before they bring them into their main environment. Otherwise, the new products might interact negatively with another product or have some bugs. This could cause some major problems in your production environment.

This product can be very useful in another aspect. This product gives the user a great report of your environment and can, therefore, be easily used for auditing purposes. The report file is very easy to read and has a lot of information in it. It lists every step that GPOSync took. It also lists everything by color. Anything listed in green was done successfully. Anything listed in yellow means everything was performed successfully but there is some valuable information. In other words, it is a warning. Finally, any text in red means there was an error or something went wrong.

How does Zeva GPOSync work?

One of the best aspects of GPOSync is the fact that it is so simple to use. It has two main buttons. One labeled export and one labeled import. You simply click on the action you want performed and GPOSync will go ahead and do it.

Of course, there are more options to GPOSync than those two buttons. These are mainly used when you want to import the information to an environment. The first option is to create a restore point. This is used in case any errors cause your environment to act up. You can simply resort back to the restore point before you important the group policies and its related information.

The second and third options are both used for translation. The first of these options is used to change object names. This is useful if someone has certain permissions in one environment that you want to give to someone else or if you have users in one environment that have a different name in another environment. The second option for translation is the translation of whole strings. In the settings of some GPOs, there are strings that can play a big role in how the GPO functions. GPOSync allows you to change a string to make sure the new environment functions properly. This is especially important when the strings are referring to something that is not in the new domain. For example, the domain name can be different from environment to environment. It is important for the GPOs to be aware of this change. GPOSync gives you the ability to do that.

For more information and to see GPOSync in action, please watch the following video:

How do I Get and Install Zeva GPOSync?

As mentioned earlier, GPOSync is released as a free tool. To aquire GPOSync, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now.