Protecting data and communications has become increasingly critical in a world of evolving cyber threats. Encryption provides the only end-to-end protection against these threats. Zeva offers solutions to enhance cybersecurity strategies so organizations can prevent data loss and meet regulatory & compliance requirements.

Is your Data Secure?

Is you data secureEfforts to thwart hackers have been inadequate to stop the theft of sensitive data. Data encryption is the most effective strategy to mitigate the damage of data loss. Cybersecurity solutions are incomplete without a comprehensive program of data encryption. Zeva offers solutions and services to enable organizations to implement effective data encryption strategies, and address the complexities of managing and inspecting encrypted data.


Can you Access your Data after Encryption?

access your data after encryptionInspection of electronic data is an integral step in supporting legal eDiscovery, compliance investigations, and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Industry regulations and privacy concerns are resulting in growing use of data encryption, such as encryption to secure sensitive electronic mail. This adds complexity to data inspection processes and can also interfere with reading the messages on mobile devices.  Government and industry regulations are increasingly requiring the use of data encryption. Zeva delivers solutions that can securely decrypt encrypted email messages for investigative and mobility applications.


Is your Cybersecurity strategy comprehensive?